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Meticulous and precise motor repairs

Your European car has a modern motor that is a very complex system combining mechanical precision and hi-tech computers. Think of it this way, your modern BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc has a motor closer to a racecar's than ever before.

Our technicians have the knowledge and special skills to handle any repair on even the most complicated motor. Equipped with the latest computer diagnostics and precision tools, you can be confident we will get the job done right.

Full rebuilds and replacements

If you experience a catastrophic engine failure it can be a huge headache finding a shop capable of taking on such a large job. We do not shy away from these large complicated jobs.

You will find that we excel at making the complicated jobs really simple for you. Whether it is simply a quicker and less expensive option or it is the only option, you can trust we will do your motor rebuild or swap the right way.

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